Complete coverage for your investment.

Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies deny claims for short-term rentals because vacation rentals function as a business?
Many people who sign up to be a host on a vacation rental platform don’t know that there are gaps in their insurance coverage until it is too late!
Did you know that the host insurance provided through peer-to-peer rental platforms have limitations and restrictions on what they cover?
Our policy includes them all.

We provide a commercial policy designed to replace your current coverage.
Special cause of loss (all-risk) for the building and contents.
Replacement cost valuation (new for old).
$1,000,000 of commercial liability insurance standard.
No limit on damage caused by a guest.
No limit on theft or vandalism by a guest.
Liquor liability coverage for the host.

Liability extended to amenities such as pools, hot tubs, bicycles, exercise equipment, small watercraft + more.
Actual loss sustained business income coverage
Bed bug enhancement which triggers lost business income

Liability Issues

All homeowners insurance policies carry personal liability, as they should because every homeowner needs this coverage for their personal affairs. What if a friend came over for dinner and slipped in your driveway and was injured? This was in relation to a personal matter and your personal liability should defend and protect you.

But what if a short-term vacation rental guest slips in your driveway and claims you liable? Well, this is the $1,000,000 question so many vacation rental owners have to ask themselves. The short answer is “no”, because this slip and fall was in relation to a business activity. Vacation rentals are no different than hotels and commercial liability is needed for business transactions. Even if you have an endorsement to your policy, insurance carriers can and do still deny claims based on the frequency or term “occasional”. If it’s determined you “regularly” rent your vacation rental on a short-term basis, then you are beyond the scope of “occasional” and no coverage exists.

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