$10,000 Coverage For as Little as $1.25 Per Day.

How is the Pay-Out?

StormPeace payout depends on the strength of the hurricane and how close it comes to your location. For example, if you chose a policy limit of $5,000 and a Category 5 hurricane passes by your location within 15 miles, you would receive a full payout of $5,000. If however, a Category 3 passed by your location within 15 miles, then you would receive a payout of $3,500. The payout is proportional to the policy limit that you choose at the time of purchasing the policy. Contact your StormPeace agent to get an accurate quote for your exact location of insurable interest.

No damage? You will still get paid!

StormPeace covers you for losses that arise directly from a named hurricane. It is designed to pay you within days after you incur damages, in order to help you rebuild fast. You will be required to submit proof of loss when requested. If you have not incurred any damage, you will not be eligible for the payouts. Please contact your local agent if any concerns.

Closest Point Maximum Sustained Windspeed Hurricane Category
74 - 95 miles per hour 1
96 - 110 miles per hour 2
111 - 129 miles per hour 3
130 - 156 miles per hour 4
157 miles per hour, or higher 5

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