Contract Bonds
Contract Bonds

Required by the State of Florida or cities and counties in Florida for project-based work, including Bid or Proposal Bonds, Construction Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Supply Bonds.

US Federal Government Bonds
Federal Government Bonds

Some agencies of the Federal Government accept or require surety bonds in a variety of circumstances, including Truck Broker Bonds, Immigration Bonds, Customs Bonds, and Alcoholic Beverage Bonds.

Public Official Bonds
Public Official Bonds

Treasurers, notaries, court clerks, judges, and other public officials may be required to obtain a bond to guarantee dutiful performance.

Dishonesty Bonds
Dishonesty Bonds

Protect business owners and their customers from theft of property by employees. Employee dishonesty bonds are most often needed for businesses that perform services on their customers’ premises, such as, janitorial services companies, home improvement contractors, and home health providers.

Licence and permit bonds
License & Permit Bonds

Some businesses in Florida are required by law to purchase a surety bond before being able to operate, including motor vehicle dealers, contractors, and lottery ticket retailers.

All Other Bond Types
All Other Bonds

And bond that falls outside of the above categories and include Lease Bonds, Utility Bonds, Lost Securities Bonds, and Self-Insurers.

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